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Dynamic Duos Don’t Compete, They Complete.

We work with advertising agencies to expand their digital capabilities. If your client needs Search Marketing, Web Design, Web Management, or Managed Hosting we are that dependable resource you can count on to get the job done on time and in budget.

We’ll help you be an even bigger hero to your clients.

White Label Digital Marketing Services Exclusively For Ad Agencies.

Your clients look to you as the digital marketing expert. Many times you will find your team just doesn’t have the skills, time or headcount to handle surges, complex projects and demanding timelines. This is where FreshRobot comes in. Our digital marketing strategists, web developers, and search marketing experts will help you take care of your clients and their needs. We work alongside your account executives, designers, developers, and copywriters to deliver traffic and conversion-driven digital marketing services.

Search & Content Marketing

Search Marketing Campaign Management And Consulting That Drives High-Quality Traffic.

Managed Website Hosting

Managed Website Hosting Services That Keep Your Websites Online, Secure, And Stable.

Web Development

Responsive Website Design and Development That Informs, Engages And Converts Visitors.

Web-Operations Consulting

Web-Operations Consulting And Blueprinting That Support Your Client’s Strategic Goals.

WebMaster Support

Website Management And Support Services That Keep Sites Relevant And Up-to-Date.

Website Audits & Analytics

Web Analysis That Provides The Insight You Need To Support Existing Clients And Secure New Ones.

What White Label Search Marketing, Web Development, and Website Management Services Mean For Your Agency.

You’ve spent hours romancing your client, winning their trust, getting to know their needs; you may not be their bosom friend, but you have become their partner – and you don’t want anyone getting in the way of this relationship. No problem. FreshRobot was designed to partner with advertising agencies, PR firms, and marketing companies, in order to help them develop, promote and support digital marketing assets for their clients. We are not here to work around you, instead, we provide an extension of your own company’s capabilities.

So how does all this work? Well, many find that having all the talents on hand to effectively deal with every phase of SEM, Web Development, Website Management Services, and Managed Web Hosting can be prohibitively expensive. Which is why more and more have turned to “white labeling”. This is a process where one repackages products or services provided by another as their own.

White labeling allows a firm to take full advantage of the skills of third-party experts who have the focus and expertise to make a better product than you can alone. Afterward, you just pay them for the white labeling privilege, while you slap your own brand name on their quality work. The end result is better work, a faster turnaround, a very happy client, and the ability to be able to mark it up and see a good profit at the end. This is more than a win-win: it’s a win, win, win, win, win.

You Be The Creative, We’ll Be The Techie Nerd.

Providing additional digital marketing services can enrich your client relationships and create related revenue streams. With our talented team of marketing strategists supporting you as your own digital agency, you’ll be able to charge for premium marketing services like social media marketing, reputation management, search marketing, and website development without over-tasking your internal resources or building costly infrastructure in order to offer managed services.

Benefits of Our White Labeling Services to Your Agency

By partnering with FreshRobot as your white labeling source for all your Digital Marketing, Website Development, Web Maintenance, and Web Operations Consulting needs, you’ll see a number of benefits that top what you can obtain by trying to build or augment your own in-house resources.


Have you looked at what it costs to create your own in-house development team? Even if you do have the resources to cover the costs of material and personnel, how long will you be able to keep them? Great talent rarely stays put for long.


It can be hard to keep an in-house team focused on long-term, in-depth projects that require constant attention, especially as they’ll find additional work requests from other parts of your agency winding up on their desks every day. That can lead to delay, confusion, an increased opportunity for error; which means more management concerns for you.


Any professional that has to complete a task in order to be paid is far more vested in the success and dedicated to the timely delivery of a project than the average employee. This isn’t an insult, it’s a fact. White Labeling makes for faster project turnarounds because that outside source is as hungry for successful results as you are.


When it comes to technology, one is the loneliest number. One developer can only know so much, has only so much time, has one point of failure, and can only be in one place. When your agency partners with FreshRobot you gain access to all our consultants, designers, developers, and specialists so you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our team and not an individual.


Some marketing pros can find it hard to communicate with younger, in-house tech experts— they’re not equipped to follow their jargon and don’t know enough to supply technical details. This lack of info can create frustration in tech resources who feel as if they’re not getting the data they need. This can result in false starts, poor project results, in-house friction, bad feelings, and staff turnover. White Labeling can reduce this because an outside professional is required to perceptively ask the right question in a way that allows you to clearly state what it is that your client needs. You’re not expected to be the client liaison and the tech expert. The end result is you getting precisely what you’re aiming for with an absolute minimum of hassle.

Your Client.
Your Design.
Your Brand.

Our Know-How.

…FreshRobot makes me look good. I’m a happy camper.


…we get technical questions daily and we’ve yet to stump them.

 Agency Owner/Principal

…the client is happy. Enough said.

 Creative Director

…I make pretty pictures. I don’t care about the technical parts. They take that work off my plate.

 Senior Art Director

…it’s like they’re just down the hall. I call and they come running. Now, if I can get my kids to do the same.

 Agency Owner/Principal

…they speak English this old dog can understand.

 Agency Owner/Principal

…the work is solid. I can’t think of a time I had a bad surprise.

 Account Executive

…they join us on calls and for client meetings. I have never worried about them not having my best interest in mind.

 Agency Owner/Principal

FreshRobot Is An Extension Of Your Agency, Not A Competitor.

As we said previously, we want to provide the muscle, the talent, the know-how you need in Digital Marketing, Website Development, Web Maintenance, and Web Operations Consulting, that will allow you to service your clients more efficiently and productively.

Freshrobot is not here to replace or circumvent your agency’s position or value to your client. We seek to handle the tech side of the marketing equation, permitting you to add assets that will allow you to better serve your clients, while at the same time helping you to grow your business. We simply accentuate what you already provide, and then supply the services you need. In doing so, we work with you to create a dynamic duo that your client will appreciate.

The Power of White Labeling Is Within Your Grasp.

We’ve already discussed how White Labeling benefits you in cost savings, efficiency, speed and in promoting inner office peace and tranquility. Certainly, you can develop your own in-house resources to try to match what we’re already offering, but why would you want to? Especially as we’re ready to go. Contact us today and let us fully explain the value FreshRobot has to offer your agency. There’s never been a better time to add more to what you provide your clients, at a cost that you’d be hard-pressed to match. Let us work with you and create a memorable, unbeatable combination.




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